Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smart, honest, and funny

I promised you a little bit more about one of my conversations from this weekend. I always try to keep my promises.

This guy messaged my on OKCupid. Of all the dating sites to which I belong, OKCupid is probably my least favorite. Not because of the site - I actually really like the way it works. It happens to appeal to a demographic that doesn't really want the same as I do. At least in my area, there just aren't a lot of options. 

But, a girl's gotta find blog material somewhere...and the site is free...so my profile stays. If it didn't, I wouldn't have gems like this to share. 

First of all - the guys name on OKCupid is normalwomenonly. Now - we know how I feel about guys who make a big deal about avoiding crazy women.

I noticed, and viewed his profile, mostly because OKCupid makes a big deal about telling you every single time someone views your profile (when you're signed in). 

Right away, he sent me a message:
just checked you out as u know because i seen u check me out while i checked u out lol very nice
It took me a minute to figure out that he was laughing at the fact that we looked at each other's profiles at the same time.

My response was:
So you prefer normal women, huh?
What he said was priceless:
well im smart enough to know thats an oxymoron and it really doesn't exist. I just want someone on the lower end of the crazy spectrum
Good grief. Later on, he asked what I look for in a man. My response was:
 Smart, honest, funny. Those are the big things.
Mr. Smarty-Pants said:
well i definately got all those covered
When I pointed out he thinks all women are crazy, he said:
lol i think all humans in general are crazy in there own way we all have flaws. I guess its just peoples quirks. I think i just find the crazy ones lol
My head hurt then, so I said goodnight and went to bed.  

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  1. *twitching*

    I don't have the best grammar by far, and sometimes I do confuse my there/their/they're... but, if I was looking to COURT someone, I would at least TRY to proofread what I wrote before I hit SEND.

    *Slaps self in forehead*