Monday, May 20, 2013

One of those weekends

Recently, I mentioned two dates on my facebook page, and a reader commented I should be her dating coach because she hasn't had one date in a while, let alone two.

I replied that she probably does just fine. Unless you have a dating blog (and a need for consistently new stories) quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to dating.

One side effect of online dating is quantity - which is why I have active profiles on three different dating sites. Another side effect is men coming out of the woodwork. It's happened before - and it happened again this past weekend.

Thursday night, a guy with whom I made a very big mistake last summer sent me a facebook message to ask me out. He went from telling me he wanted to go to the movies to telling me he wants to just date to telling me he wants to be in a relationship with me. I pointed out that he'd (literally) just said he didn't want anything serious. I'm still waiting for his retort.

Friday, Chef texted me. He's been MIA for about 6 weeks - apparently, he was spending time with his aunt in the south, where they obviously don't have internet or cellular connections, and was unable to send me any messages. He'd like to have dinner.

Saturday, I woke to two separate emails from guys who said I'm cute. Well, one said "Wow, your cute!" (sigh) and the other said I am "cute as a button." I appreciated the compliments (and thanked them both) but honestly, one is in his fifties and the other used a picture of himself holding a fish as his profile picture. We aren't a match.

I also spent Saturday fending off messages from three separate guys who just couldn't hold a conversation. One I engaged with a bit because it was freaking hysterical - more on that to come.

Sunday, Bachelor #1 (Remember him?) called - twice. He left one message, which I have not returned.

I did have a date Friday night - who canceled. He made up for it Sunday, and we had a lovely time.

So if you're frustrated by how difficult it is to meet new people, online dating might be worth a shot. You can meet people - sometimes a lot of people - easily and fairly quickly.

Sometimes, a little too easily.


  1. :) YOUR REALLY CUTE!!! *giggles* you know I am joking right... it's a bad joke....

  2. Ima hairstylist and seems like I have tons of dates everyday with men, pretty nice to just talk and not being called a date lol haven't found a match for me yet, haven't dated someone in a superrrrrr long time. ;P