Monday, May 6, 2013

Plenty of intentions

One of the basics of a Plenty of Fish profile is your intent. The current choices are:
  • Wants to date but nothing serious
  • Wants to find someone to marry
  • Actively seeking a relationship
  • Casual dating/no commitment
After some of the people I've met, it occurs to me more options are needed. I suggest:
  • Wants to find a sugar-momma
  • Wants a pen-pal, nothing more
  • Wants women to reject, in order to feel better about himself
  • Seeking gullible women willing to believe almost anything
  • Looking for "crazy women" so he can continue complaining all women are crazy
That's just a few suggestions, based upon some recent online dating experience.

For those who think I'm suggesting no guys are looking for relationships, I'm not. I'm just thinking a lot of time could be saved if some guys could share their true intentions up-front.

1 comment:

  1. Aw look at GRUMPY CAT! Love her!

    I think that in the intentions category they should be way more creative... because honestly, I bet more guys would choose the honest statements.