Friday, May 31, 2013

Since you asked...

Sometimes, people do the dumbest, strangest, meanest things...or maybe they're just not paying attention. For instance...

+ I say right on my profile that I am a cat-mom. I do this to let you know that if you don't like cats or are allergic, we're probably not a good match. If you have kids, there's a good chance I won't like them - and might even be allergic to them - but I understand they're part of the deal. Relax, parents, I'm not comparing your kids to my cat, so don't get your mom-jeans in a bunch. I'm simply saying that loyal, honest, unconditional friendship and love is hard to find. I won't be giving up the one person in my life who shows me all of that, even if he does have four legs.

+ Just because I looked at your profile doesn't mean I'm interested. Therefore, it isn't necessary for you to send me an email telling me I'm not your type. If you were my type, chances are I would have emailed you first. Simmer down, champ - you're not all that.

+ Along the same lines, just because I hold the door open for you when you walk into the building behind me doesn't mean I'm flirting. I'm being polite - blame my grandmother.

+ Standing someone up is just plain rude, mean, immature, cowardly, and totally uncalled for. If you changed your mind, just say so.

+ If you get stood up, remember it says way more about the other person than it does you. You held up your end of the bargain - s/he is the jackass.

+ If your interests include "vampires" and your profile picture clearly shows you're wearing contacts to color your eyes yellow and either you've had your teeth shaped so you have fangs or you wear some sort of prosthetic to make it look as though you do - move along. I don't like horror movies, I'm a afraid of the dark, and I'm anemic.

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  1. The last one... Oh man... I laughed so loud...

    Funny Stuff!

    Oh, sometimes my kitten ranks equal with my son...
    The kitten has been snuggling me more than the boy.. so... you know, new favorites and all that.

    (I am only half joking....)

    1. I'm completely serious on that last one. The only way it could possibly be funnier is if his profile was on Christian Mingle.