Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blow Me Away

April 2010

You remember those signs were were talking about? Well, he was about to send a big (pun intended) one my way.

Since we were spending so much time together, especially on the weekends, I was often spending one (or sometimes more) nights a week at Big's apartment. Normally, not an issue - but if it meant driving all over the area to get changed and get ready for the day, it could put a cramp in whatever plans we had. 

One Sunday, we were hanging out, and Big teased me about the baseball cap I was wearing. Normally not my style, unless I'm going to the gym or the beach - or I have no way of doing my hair. I laughed, "Well this is what you get when I can't go home." 

"Why can't you fix your hair here?" Big wanted to know. Such a guy.

Obviously, not having the proper products and accessories was the issue. If I knew ahead of time I was spending the night, then fine - but if not, then I was out of luck. 

So what did he do? Went out, bought all of the stuff I would need and then made a place for it in his bathroom. 

Talk about stunned? You really could have knocked me over with a feather. Talk about happy? I was ecstatic! I texted my three best friends (including one guy) for confirmation. The unanimous vote was that Big was stating, without stating, that he wanted a relationship. 

At this point, we were spending so much time together that neither of us could have had time to really date anyone else. I was comfortable, happy and very content with where things were. I wasn't about to push anything - this whole "just let it happen" strategy seemed to be working. We were both happy and relaxed. 

As far as I was concerned, things were going along nicely...

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