Friday, November 12, 2010

Logging Off

So, I'm in the middle of this breakup. I'm heartbroken; but not dead. I go from really sad to really angry to really over it. Sometimes all in one hour. (sigh)

In one of my angry moments, I feverishly started updating my online dating profiles. You know, add some details, update photos - and get myself out there.

For those who don't know, dating sites are driven by activity. Users with the most recent login are moved up to the front of the line (so to speak). So, if you've been logged in recently, yours is the profile that's "matched" to other users, it shows up first in search strings, etc. 

If you're active on a site, this is normally what you want - yourself, front and center. But if you logged in as part of an I'm-so-over-you, you-don't-deserve me kind of moment - sometimes the added activity can create chaos. Or confusion. Or headaches. 

Or excellent blog reads.  

The first email I got was from a guy who was 22. Now, I'm a 30-something, but I don't really look my age. So, I chalked that up to just a mistake; maybe he sent the message based on my picture and nothing else. But then there was another...and then another. At this point, I double-checked my profile, thinking I'd accidentally shaved a few years off my age; nope. So what gives? 

Finally, I hear from a guy who seems almost normal. We exchange a couple of emails - and in his last message he sends me a couple of links to getting pregnant after 35 - how to conceive, carry a child to term healthy, etc. Yes, you read that correctly - he sent that after we had exchanged a few emails

It occurred to me that logging off these sites was probably the best idea at this point. You know, for my own sanity - and the general safety of the male population. Clearly, meeting people is just not going to happen right now. Which is probably for the best. Things really do need to happen in their own time. 

But no worries....there's plenty more stories where these came from.

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