Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Online Meeting

October 2009...

I had just about given up on men. I'd dated this one guy for about a month; and then we were "friends" for another few months. All the while, he was into someone else and just using me to the pass the time. In his defense, he never led me on. But I let my heart get way too involved, so when he started dating her and it was really over between us - I was crushed.

Following that guy was a series of terrible first dates, and a few online chat sessions that were so bad they never even turned into dates. Seriously - I could write a book.

One night, I was completely bored and lonely. So, I sat there on a dating website and sent message after message to guys that looked interesting. My criteria was strict; must have a nice photo; must have a well-written profile with some humor and some intelligence - and in the name of all that is good, no grammar or spelling errors. 

I got several responses. One of the guys who wrote me back was Big. [I love Sex and the City] We had excellent email correspondence for a couple of days, and we decided to meet for dinner one night after work. It went so well, that we met again that Saturday. He texted me the very next day and asked me to go for a drive with him, to do some outlet shopping. My best friend told me, "You should marry him. Any guy that offers to take you shopping on a date is obviously made for you." 

So we did. Then he asked me to go out that week; then the following weekend. All him, mind you. I was all about going slowly, because in my previous relationship, the guy jumped in with both feet and then pulled away. I was gun-shy and didn't want to let that happen again. 

But this guy really seemed to like me, and I had a lot of fun spending time with him, too....


  1. Mmm, excellent emails, that does it for me too.

  2. Yeah. I love a guy who can write well - makes me smile. :)