Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little lies

I am a firm believer in telling the truth on my online dating profiles. I don't exaggerate my height, or lie about my age, and I always make sure that my photos are current, and that there is at least one that shows off my "curvy" figure.

I figure there's no point in leading anyone on, and wasting his time (or mine).

The closest I've come to meeting guys who "lied" on their profile were a couple of guys who used older photos of themselves, presumably because they were better pictures. They were good pictures (I think one was taken professionally), but they looked almost nothing like the guy who showed up on the date.

I found that to be a turn-off. Not necessarily because they were bad-looking, or that I wouldn't have agreed to the date if I'd seen a more current photo. It just left me wondering - if they misled me on that, what else are they misleading me about?

iVillage posted the 17 Lies you shouldn't tell on your online dating profile. A few of my favorites:

  • Saying you're deeply religious...when you're not
  • Saying you don't want kids...when you do
  • Saying you're not looking for a serious relationship...when you are

We spend entirely too much time and effort saying what we think is most appealing, trying to meet the most people and go on the most dates. We never stop to consider,

What if we just told the truth? We might meet fewer "someones" but we'd also increase our chances of meeting the right one.


  1. Once again. I agree 100%

    I often wonder why people (men and/or women) lie on these websites...
    I don't judge someone on their looks, I don't mind if their open minded with views different than my own... what turns me off entirely... is a liar.

    Liars are ugly UGLY people.

  2. I do have to say that it always amuses me when I read a dating profile of someone I know and there are blatant lies.

    Knowing that people I know were lying, I assumed others were as well and that is why I treated online dating as more of amusement than anything serious.

    For the record, I didn't lie on my profile.

  3. I agree. Zero lies. When people talk about "small lies" being OK, it just makes me think that every time they talk to me they'll be deciding whether something is "OK to lie about" or not. Then I'll never really know whether to believe them. Then they'll get upset that I don't believe them when they're not lying. That's not the kind of relationship I'd want.