Friday, August 16, 2013

Not really a date

It seems some men (Perhaps women too?) are confused on what, exactly, constitutes a date. Allow me to help clarify.

It's not a date if...
  • You invite me to meet you at a deserted football field.
    Found it here
  • You invite me to meet you at work.
  • You invite me to meet you anywhere that is potentially unsafe. This includes locations that are secluded, or otherwise attractive to serial killers.
  • You spend the entire time on your phone.
  • You invite me anywhere, and then ask me to pay and/or pick you up.
  • You refuse to agree to a time and/or place until the last minute.
  • You show up dirty and/or stinky.
  • You invite me to drive to you - and then sit in my car.
  • We've never met, barely talked, yet you invite me to your home.
There are obviously exceptions. However - it's only an exception if the non-date is quickly followed up with plans for a real date.

Also - please don't misunderstand. While I appreciate someone paying for me, it's not expected, or even necessary. There are ways to have a perfectly nice, actual date, and spend very little (or no) money.

Also -  yes, these have all happened to me.

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