Monday, August 19, 2013

Single dating

I know a lot of single people don't like being single. Even those who enjoy their single-dom occasionally feel a little lonely, and would like to find a partner.

I know people who will go out with anyone, and do anything, just to avoid sitting at home, especially on a weekend. [Side Note: I consider this different than going out with anyone for blog material. One is avoidance, anxiety, depression; the other is research.]

I'm the first to admit I'd love to be in a relationship. Not just any old relationship, though. I want that inconvenient, all-consuming love that Carrie Bradshaw talked about when she talked about her love with Big. You know, when someone just absolutely takes your breath away, you can't stop thinking about him, and just the sight of his number on your phone makes you smile. 

Of course, that's not something one finds everyday. Or in my case, every year. In the meantime, dating is fine, so long as everyone understands that's all it is - dating. I'm not looking for my soul mate - I figure he'll show up when the time is right. I also figure I'll know him when I meet him. If, after several dates, we haven't connected that way - you're probably not him. 

Thing is - that doesn't mean we can't keep dating. Unless you think that if we keep dating, we must be soul mates. As long as everyone understands that dating is just dating, it all works. 

It has taken me a long time to realize that every date doesn't need to be in pursuit of your next great love. Dating is fun (in theory) and something that should be enjoyed, learned from - and of course, laughed about. 

I can date and still be single - and until that inconvenient love comes along, that's exactly what I intend to be.

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