Monday, August 12, 2013

Someone for everyone

Met this guy on Skout. We chatted and texted for a couple weeks before he asked me out.

[I should mention he started out looking to talk about sex, which I shut down right away. I was nice - just said that's not what I'm about, so maybe I'm not for him. "No, no, no..." he said. So we kept talking.]

So when he asked out, I suggested we meet for coffee or lunch. He said we could just meet and go for a walk. Around here, this time of year, that's actually a pretty standard date. So...
Me: Sure
Him: It's been a while for me.
Me: Since you had a conversation in person?
Him: Sex wise
Me: Well I'm not meeting you for sex. If that's what you want, we shouldn't meet. Not looking to waste anyone's time.
Him: No, I'm not meeting for sex.
Several messages later....
Him: I'll be in your city all week (he coaches football). We're done at 8:30.
Me: It will be tough to find a place to go for a walk at that hour.
Him: You could just meet me at the field.
Me: [In my head - are you crazy?!] I wouldn't be comfortable with that. Sorry.
Him: There's people around. [Then, before I could respond to that...] We could meet at the coffee shop.
Me: Sure, that works.
The day of our "date"...
Me: Are we still on for tonight?
Him: Yes, just need to see what time I get done.
It's 10:08 pm as I write this....haven't heard from him. Perhaps he found someone willing to meet him at the football field?

There's someone for everyone.


  1. He totally wanted to live out a high school fantasy on the 50 yard line. I bet he even had a cheer leader costume ready to go.

    1. Allow me to respond to that thought like the high-schooler he so desperately wants:


  2. BakingSuit's comment and your response MADE this post!