Friday, January 21, 2011



No umbrellas needed - just a sense of humor, fun and charity. And maybe a cute new outfit. 

A couple of friends of mine are helping to plan the First Ever Bachelor Auction, a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A worthy cause, right? 

What do bachelor's have to do? Show up. Sell themselves. And provide a date package valued at $40 (or more, guys) to be included with the bid. 

What do the ladies have to do? Buy a ticket. Show up. Shop. Hellooooo? 

What will everyone be doing? Laughing, drinking, having fun and supporting a worthy cause. 

Click here for more information, including event details, ticket purchases and charity information. Guys - are you interested in applying to be a bachelor? Click here for a link to the application. 

The best part? Well, it's my friend's birthday...and my love cleanse will be long over. I've started saving my nickels and dimes already. (Kidding. Sort of.)