Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yes, it's true

In case you couldn't tell from yesterday's rant - things have ended with Mr. 28-Year-Old. I think you can get a pretty good idea of what happened from the post.

A good friend of mine was against the whole younger guy thing from the beginning. She didn't trust that a younger guy would be mature enough for a relationship. The truth is, it never really got to the point where I could test that. We dated, yes, but we weren't really "in a relationship." I am positive that this guy will make a great boyfriend (husband?) to someone, someday.

Here's what I learned: The right guy for me is mature, honest, nice, confident and knows what he wants. He has had enough life experience to understand that life is serious - but should not be taken too seriously. He's cautious; but not overly so. He likes to go out and have fun; visit new places and try new things.

Another thing I learned? That guy might be my age; or he might be a little older than me. It is possible that he might even be a little younger than me. Do I think Mr. 28-Year-Old was the "right guy" for me? Clearly not. But I did learn that age should not be a deciding factor when answering that question.

I also learned this: The right guy for me better be prepared to work. He's going to have to find me; because I am done looking for him.

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