Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is pretty?

Per dictionary.com, the word pretty is defined in several ways. As an adjective, it means pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness: a pretty face.

It's all based on opinion, of course. What one person thinks is pretty (or attractive) won't appeal to another. That's important to remember when you're dating; it's so easy to let your self-esteem get dragged down because one person says you're not pretty.

So, we know that different things are appealing to different people; but can one person find different things appealing as well? What I mean is - could someone who finds a young, thin, blonde woman attractive also find an older, chubby brunette woman just as attractive?

If I were to answer this question myself, I'd say yes. My own taste varies; I'm much more attracted to a man's sense of humor, intelligence and personal style than I am to his looks. As a result, I don't necessarily have a physical "type." But I've been told it's different for men; that they are biologically prone to being attracted to a woman's looks.

So I'm asking; if a guy likes a certain type of woman, and I'm not that type, should I assume that I'm not (and could never be) attractive to him? Or is it possible that a guy's taste could also be varied?


  1. Guys might have preferences (research indicates it's an imprinting thing from a young age), but I'm pretty sure that their taste's vary as much as ours do. I look at my brother who prefers petite blonds, but his current girlfriend of 16 months or so while blond is not petite. She's almost as tall as he is! He's also dated tall brunettes, had flings with red heads and others...and I've yet to meet a guy worth the trouble who exclusively dates ONE kind of girl. If they're that closed minded, why bother?