Friday, January 7, 2011

Your year of love?

I came across this post in my travels the other day - ways to make 2011 your year for love. I wondered, what gems might have to share with me? So, I took a peek. I immediately thought -

What the...?
  • Make a practical love plan. Find twelve people (friends, family, coworkers) and assign each of them a month. Ask them to find you a match for that month - just an introduction. 
I see some merit to this. Still - is it really necessary to outsource your love life? Or for that matter - is it a good idea? If these people had a good match, wouldn't they have told you about him already? Certainly keeping yourself open to blind dates/matchmaking is fine - but to turn your loved ones into your own personal dating service? That might go too far.
  • Implement an "as if" method. Make room in your life (your schedule, your closets) for that significant other. Make sure he'll fit in your life, so that you're ready when he shows up.
Again - I get the theory. If you haven't opened up your life and made room for love, you haven't really opened up your heart or your mind to the concept, either. I know we need to be ready to let love in - but honestly, I'd rather let it in my heart first - and my closet later. I mean - I really need to love someone before I start moving shoes around. As far as time in my schedule - I don't want to turn down doing stuff I like for the possibility of finding a date. I may need some time to digest this whole concept. {shakes head}
  • Create a magical blueprint for love. Make a list, light a candle, read the list out loud - then blow out the candle.
Um - what? Okay, again, I get the idea. What you put out there is what you get back. You have to tell the universe what you want (and know yourself) before it can find you. But once you do - there's no stopping that positive energy. 

I have a friend who actually made a list. It worked for her; she found the guy of her dreams. Still, I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. I'll tell you why: had I made a list a couple of months ago, I probably wouldn't be where I am right now - which is a pretty good place. So, I guess while I get the positive energy thing, I'd caution against listing yourself right out of something that could be a good thing.

Are you looking to make 2011 your "year of love?" How will you do it? What will you change? Keep doing the same? 


  1. Although I've found Love, there are things I could do better...
    I will breathe more before I react.
    I will have more patience during stressful for him times.
    I will remind myself not to take him or his kindness for granted.
    I will make more room in my life and time for him.

  2. I love that list. As someone who has lost more love than I've found (trust me, the math works), I can tell you that those are things we all need to do.

    Your love is a lucky guy. You may quote me on that. :)