Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lucky Cancer?

Astrology has been all the rage lately, what with the new sign, and all. When the dust settled, it seems we're all the same astrological sign, after all. Phew. Now that it's been established I am, in fact, still a Cancer - I can check out my love horoscope for 2011.

I found this one at The Frisky - and while I like what it says, I can already tell you the "Getting Lucky Calendar" is way off - at least, so far.

The Shine from Yahoo tells me...not a lot. I'm learning lessons, and it seems that things will become even more permanent later on in 2011. Permanent how? It's not really clear.

Ask Oracle also seems to think I'll be learning some lessons, and will have turned a corner by the end of the year.

I guess, if I was going to draw any conclusions from these - it's that even astrology thinks this is the year for me to figure things out, get back to what's important for me - and let love show up when it's time. The good news? If things keep going the way they've been, and if these horoscopes are any indication - it sounds like I'll be ready if it shows up.

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