Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Tears

There is a handful of people who know me in real life, who know who Big, and even 28YO, are, and know why I started this blog. Some actually read the blog - others just know me and know there's a blog out there.

A few of them really "get" why I blog about the whole thing. Others just think I write it for revenge, or to be mean, or whatever. That's never been the case. I knew there would be a lesson, and for me, writing is the easiest way to learn. Yes, I could have journaled privately - but that wouldn't have gotten reactions or feedback from objective readers.

It also occurred to me that maybe - just maybe - the blog might be helpful to someone else. That another woman, in a similar situation, would stumble upon this blog, read my story - and find some comfort in knowing that she wasn't the only one, that she wasn't stupid and that she wasn't crazy. Silly, right?

So, last week I posted about my love cleanse. I didn't invent the idea, so to give credit where it's due, I linked to the original post where I found the idea, and in my tweet, I mentioned the person who wrote the post. Usually, that'll get a "thanks" on twitter. In this case - it got me a follow back. From The Single Woman - someone who should be every single gal's idol, in my opinion. I was incredibly excited - as my friend can tell you.

If you know anything about twitter, you know it's a great way for people to find others with similar interests, concerns, situations, etc. I got a few follows after The Single Woman found me - and one came from a woman who was going through something similar. And she wrote me the nicest email.

She told me a bit of her own story, which I won't share with you here. There were definitely some similarities between her experience and mine. At the end of her email she said: Thank you. Thank you for sharing.

I should mention that this email came on what was a terrible day for me. But when I opened it, and saw that someone had found my blog, and it was helpful to her - so much so that she took the time to email me and say thank you - I burst into some of the happiest tears I've ever cried.

People can think, or say, whatever they want about me, or this blog. The thought that, even for just a second, this blog made someone's life just a little bit better is exactly the reason I keep it going.

So thank you.


  1. I think this is why many of us least partially. The connection to others you'd never expect is exciting, helpful, fun, and even profound.

    We wouldn't have met if you hadn't started blogging/tweeting!

  2. I agree! Friends and family who aren't part of any online communities don't "get" it. They think it's all silly; a way to replace a "real" life. They don't get that real connections are made.

    The people who I consider my closest friends right now are the people who I met online. They seem to be the only people who really understand me, or what I'm about.

  3. I meant every word I said in that email too...I really am so thankful that you have shared your story, and to know that I am not alone, nor crazy. Thank you so much Girl.