Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stirring the pot

Continued from here...

So, I got a little nervous, a little uncertain about whether TG liked me, so what did I do? I started contacting other guys online. Sure, TG - don't email me back. I'll show you. Get online, huh? Two can play at that game.

Next time, I'll take to twitter. Or email. Or texting. Or smoke signals to my girlfriends. Anything to keep me from this nonsense.

Now, let me point out - any other time, I wouldn't even be able to find anyone to email, much less get responses. This time? Two new guys. Both seem very nice. Both wanting to go out on dates. By the time TG emailed me back? I'd already set up a coffee date with one guy, and a tentative movie/dinner date with the other for the following week.

More on that later....

It's frustrating. I grow up, I learn about myself, and I change. I become more sure of myself - and it's still so easy for someone, even without knowing, to challenge my self-confidence. Before I know it, I'm doing something totally silly, self-defeating and pointless - just to prove a point to myself.

I suppose the challenge is always going to be to recognize when I'm about to do something like that - and to teach myself to stop. I guess if I can do that, I'm still learning - which means it's not a total waste.

What about you? What challenges your self-confidence? What makes you do things, even when you know you shouldn't?


  1. Whoremones challenge my self-confidence. Seriously, I don't care who he's friends with or that he appreciates certain celebrity's forms until I'm whoremonal and then all bets are off. I hate it.

  2. According to my calendar, it's entirely possible whoremones were responsible for my silliness.