Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The one where the Russian almost dies

I bet I've never told you this story. I think I've written about elsewhere, but it happened so long before I started this blog, I don't think it ever made its way into GGS dating lore.

I met this guy online, and we started chatting via IM (on Yahoo; I like to keep my dates there until I know if they deserve gmail status). He'd said more than once that he really wanted to take me out to dinner.

He seemed nice enough; he was Russian, and had a really cool name. But - he lived with his parents, and was a bit younger than me. Having just returned to the US after school (when I say he was Russian - he was Russian), he was unemployed. Which doesn't really help his case, but does serve to explain the living situation.

I turned him down several times, until my housemate suggested I give him a real chance. So, I told him we could meet later that week, and asked if he'd like to chat for a bit that night, since I was home. He did.
Him: What should we talk about?
Me: The usual; movies, TV, same-sex marriage.
In hindsight, I'm sure I was trying to bait him into a conversation that would give me a valid reason to cancel the date. Quite passive-aggressive of me, and really wasn't a concious decision - even if it was effective.
Him: I'm opposed to it.
Me: Mind if I ask why?
Him: You should be, too. Same-sex marriage will deteriorate the importance our society places on marriage. Eventually, that means that spouses won't be given things like health benefits. As a woman, that should worry you, because the wife needs those benefits.
Me: Are you saying the wife is always dependent on the husband?
Him: Yes, because women are the weaker sex.
Me: So now you're telling me I'm weak?
Him: It doesn't surprise me that you would look at it that way. Most women can't have this conversation, because they are irrational.
I cancelled the date, and I never did meet him for ice cream. I thought it best for everyone involved if I was never given the chance to react to his statements in person.


  1. HAHAHAHA You find the best guys to "date"

  2. Where do I begin with this winner?

  3. That could very much be a cultural thing. I'm not saying I agree with his positions in any way, but the freedoms and rights that women have here aren't what they have in other countries. While Russian women do work, they mostly hold lower paying jobs with few retirement benefits, so they may be more likely to be dependent on spouses for supplemental income.