Friday, July 6, 2012

A story for the ages

So, I told you I knew that even if I don't meet the love of my life this time around, I figured I'd at least meet some people, and go on a few dates.

Of course, that means blog fodder. I know you've been wanting to hear the here's one for the ages.

About a week (maybe less) of being online, I met a guy we'll call Artist - because that's what he fancies himself. He emailed me (which almost never happens), and was good looking, and actually seemed rather nice. The catch? He was seven years younger, and that's well below my normal, allowable age difference.

But like I said - he seemed cool. We chatted a bit, and eventually exchanged phone numbers so we could text. I wasn't flirty, because I truly wasn't sure if I could ever see a future with a guy that much younger. I was trying not to lead him on.

About a week later, he really started bugging me about meeting in person. I agreed - and immediately had regrets. I thought about it over night and realized that no matter what, I just couldn't get past the age difference. This was totally about me. I felt like dating a guy that much younger could potentially mean we would grow apart, and I also knew I'd always be worried that he'd leave me for someone younger/prettier/thinner/all of the above.

I cancelled our date, and was completely honest about why. Told him I didn't want to lead him on, and felt that keeping the date would do just that. Told him that I talked to him in the first place because he seemed cool, and I was attracted to him, and I thought maybe I could get past the age difference - but I realized I couldn't, and didn't want to pursue anything more.

He did not believe me. Or hear me, it seems.

At first he tried to convince me he was really mature for his age, and that I shouldn't let a "small difference" get in the way. You only live once! he said. I repeated my concerns - and he said,
Thanks for ruining my day.
Then he posted a facebook status (I've since unfriended him), saying,
Looking to meet some new people. All the old ones suck.
Well that seemed uncalled for. 

He texted me again:

Come meet me. I'm at the mall - we can make out.

No, I'm not kidding.

At this point, I was just irritated.

To be continued.....

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  1. WOW. See, I would have said "YEAH SURE!" asked what he was wearing, and then sent one of my very willing gorilla like guy friends (IN DRAG) to meet him.