Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quantity, not quality

A common complaint about online dating is the shear number of people you can meet at one time. Which is great - if you're looking to hook-up, or learn how to use different features to manage contacts on your phone. But if you're looking for that one special person....meeting a whole baseball team of guys at once is less than convenient.

If you're looking to fill a dating blog with posts? Perfect.

Which is why - for the forseeable future, anyway - you may notice posts about a variety of guys. Some are guys I've met recently; some may be stories from dates past. Most of these guys never made it past date one (or maybe two) - but like I always say, everything is blog fodder.

I guess this post is sort of my disclaimer:

I'm not a slut, or an attention-whore. I'm not a player. I don't use people. And, though I may have joked in the past, I don't date just to get free meals.

If you read about a lot of dates in the same week, it's likely I didn't even go on all those dates that close together - I just wrote about them all at once. Sometimes I have a bunch of dates in a week - and then some months, I don't have any dates at all.

Online dating is purely a numbers game; the more people you approach, the more people you meet. The more people you meet, the more likely you are should be to meet the right person.

It has to start somewhere. In online dating, it really starts with quantity - not always quality.


  1. =)

    I love hearing about the adventures of online dating.
    And I imagine your steady readers (and other fellow bloggers) understand that posts come sometimes after several days/weeks of writing!

  2. Love the disclaimer...remember, it's not questionable until you're sleeping with guys you just met on craigslist.