Friday, July 6, 2012

A story for the ages - Continued

Continued from here....

I'd already ignored several texts, but the "come see me, we'll make out" got under my skin.

Me: I'm not going to come see you. I cancelled our date. Take care.

Him: Do you think I'm ugly?

Me: Do NOT text me again.

Him: U think I'm ugly :(

Him: Whats your email?

Me: You're freaking me out with all these texts. Think we just need to not talk anymore.

Him: Ur just not being honest I dont believe that age difference sh*t

Him: U didnt like my pics

Me: I'm always honest. At first, it was the age difference. Now, it's the incessant texting. Which, by the way, proves that the age difference would be a problem.

Me: As does the fact that you think I select who to keep in my life based on their looks. That's immaturity. You should stick with girls your own age.

Him: So its better to shut someone out because they actually try to talk to u instead of ignore u?

Me: In a case like this, where I already told you how I feel - yes.

Him: U said you didn't wanna date u didnt say you didnt wanna talk or chill

Me: You asked if I wanted to make out, then asked if I think you're ugly. I'm 38 - not wanting to date means not making out. And ugly or not isn't an issue.

Him: Ur too serious lighten up

Me: Well, there ya go. I'm too old for you.

Him: Just some advice, you wont get anywhere with guys with ur attitude

Me: Thanks for the insight.

.....and the texts continued until Engineer (thank goodness for him) was able to tell me how to block them from my phone, which has been blissfully quiet since.

Looking back - I shouldn't have even talked to him. Where possible, I've set privacy settings on the dating sites to prevent people from contacting me unless they meet a certain age criteria. Where not possible - I guess I'll just have to be more careful.


  1. JEEZ! What a complete PSYCHO!

    Should have went with Engineer going in DRAG to meet him.

    Sorry for the bad experience.

    Wanna make out?
    I promise I won't text you incessantly

    Just kidding.
    Happy Friday!

    1. Oh. My. God. Insane.

      I'm pretty sure Engineer was too busy trying not to spit water all over his monitor, because he was laughing at me as I was sharing these messages with him.

  2. Personal opinion after certain age like above age 30 - age difference doesn't matter.

  3. Yeah...I think that whole "cougar" thing is overrated ;)

  4. I feel your pain. I met a guy online who judged me based on my astrological sign and my area code. Then, he called me inconsiderate, immature, and uncaring because I told him my life was fantastic. He said (in a five minute voice mail) I should be more considerate of other people's feelings when their lives are not going as well as mine. But, he never shared with me that his life wasn't going well, even after I asked (and really, who wants to date someone so negative). I told him not to contact me anymore. I received NINE texts in response. He judged me again, went on and on about how great he is, called me by the wrong name, and by the end was begging me to give him another chance and meet him in person. Seriously?! I didn't respond to his texts, and I haven't heard from him since. Talk about psycho. So happy I listened to my instincts and didn't meet him in person.

  5. I get a lot of younger guys wanting to meet me and I always say the same thing: You're out of my age range. I've been called every kind of old or expired for sticking to this rule. You know as well as I guys are very sensitive.

    It's not even really a maturity thing. It's about how well the guy handles rejection. That dear friend isn't maturity it's upbringing. Some people I've notice do not understand no. Those same people look for self satisfaction in trying to make others feel bad when they feel remotely slighted.

    Better luck next time.

  6. I am both happy and sad that you had this experience. Happy because it provided such amazing blog fodder, but sad that you had to deal with it in the first place. On a lighter note there is a piece of "research" that I want to share. I was watching one of those day time talk shows one day and they gave an actual age qualification for a "couger". Apparently it is socially acceptable to date someone half your age plus seven years. So for example I am 28, it would be "socially acceptable" for me to date someone who is 20. (I personally would not date a 20 year old). But I am curious, is it also that way for men, meaning I could get picked up by some guy who is 42? Just food for thought.

    1. Michelle - I did a post last year that talked about that very thing.

      Supposedly the formula is like you said:

      For people younger, you divide your current age in half and add seven.

      For people older, you subtract seven from your current age, and multiply that number by two.

      It doesn't quite work for me.I turn 38 on Sunday; so for me, the youngest would be 26; oldest would be 62. My comfort zone is more 36-49. But you're right, the formula is more about calculating an "appropriate" age-range, not where an individual is most comfortable.