Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two is better than one

Two is better than one when it comes to

Not necessarily "dates in one night."

But, that's what I did, about two weeks after updating my online dating profiles. It didn't start out that way. In fact, when I left for work that morning, I had every intention of hitting the nail salon and the gym in the evening.

Then Pimp texted to ask if I wanted to meet for a quick bite. He offered a place near work, that would be very quick - more on that later - and I accepted. I might need to skip my nails, but I could still make the gym.

Then Morgan texted me and asked if I was busy; his plans with his kids had changed, and he was hoping we could get together (it would be our first date). I wasn't giving up a chance at that; so I said sure, but I would need to text when I was done with my "friend."

I've gone on more than one date in a day before. But it's usually meet one for coffee (as a first date) and one for dinner (as a second or third date). I've never gone on two first dates within two hours.

I have to say - not something I recommend.

If you actually like first dates - maybe. I do not. I hate repeating the same basic spiel - my "story" - over and over; to have to do it twice in a couple of hours? Torture.

Not to mention - both guys wanted to go for food. Not having planned better, I didn't leave myself an out. So by the time I got home, I was full - and didn't have time for the gym.

It also left me no time for myself. On a Saturday, a breakfast date followed by a dinner date later is fine. I'm left with plenty of GGS time in between. But squeezing in two dates after work? No time at all. Not a good plan.

But we know I like my lessons. The moral of this story?

When you're single, you always need to be dressed as though your next date is just around the corner. 


  1. The last date I went on I definitely had an out...I said I had to meet a friend a few hours later, and I did go meet up with a friend, but after last year's adventures I decided it's *alwyas* best (two first dates back to back or not) to have an out. Always. If the date's good, then hopefully there will be a follow-up, if it's bad, well, only 2 hours until it's all over. That's my new plan.