Friday, February 25, 2011

Best of the Worst: Some1 emailed me

I (mistakenly) thought it would be a good idea to log into my plenty of fish profile to update something. Of course, when I did, I showed up as "online" and now show up as "recently online" in searches. So, I'm getting bunches of messages that don't really amount to anything.

I got one from a guy whose profile pictures were all dark. I could barely see him, which says a couple of things to me: He's clueless about technology; he doesn't care enough to try or learn; he's shady (in more ways than one).

I got one from a guy who actually has my regular email. We went to dinner last fall, when things were still casual/uncertain with Big. He was nice enough, but we didn't have a lot in common. I've put him off since then, so what is the point of sending me an email now? Yeesh.

Then I got an email from a guy who said:
My name is... I liked your profile and pics. Let me know if you'd like to chat sometime.
His profile reads (exactly):
Im a 41 yr old divorce male looking for some1 that is caring that dont mind having a child around.. ..... I get along w/ almost every1 so dont be afraid to response. 
For his first date, he'd like to:
go for a nice walk and get to know some1 first, then go to a nice restaurant and go from there.

This is just a sample of what who approaches me. Do you see what I'm dealing with here?!?

The good news, of course, is that thanks to Cute Ella, Autumn and Sassy, I now have a great new weekly feature, which we'll call "Best of the Worst."

 What the heck - these online dating profiles might as well be good for something, right?


  1. He's special!

    I've said it since I started blogging, "Bad dating makes for great blog fodder!" Just think, if you were to get paid for blogging about it, you could write bad dates off on your taxes ;)

  2. You constantly amaze me with your genius. I will totally keep that in mind when I publish this book. :)

  3. Haha, thanks! I guess people keep me around for more than my cookies :-p

  4. YES!!!! I love it!

  5. This might be what I look forward to (THE MOST) now every week :D (and I agree with you about the "what vs who"'s totally what. hahahaha!)