Thursday, February 17, 2011

But, there's this guy....

So, even though I'm not sure what I want to do in terms of dating right away, or staying single for a while, I do have to say....

There is this one guy....

I know him from twitter, we have mutual friends and have met in person once - though it was purely by coincidence. He seems very cool, nice,, stable, successful, smart.... All pluses.

But there is one, huge whammy of a minus - what if he doesn't like me? I mean - he knows me, so, if he was interested, he'd ask me out, right? And if he's not interested, and I ask him - I could ruin what is a perfectly nice, casual friendship. That would bum me out, maybe even more than the rejection.

Life was much easier when you could just pass a note that said, "Check yes or no...." and if they checked no, you could trip them on the playground, and then just move on.

Assuming that we rule that strategy out - what do you suggest I do?


  1. I don't see the harm in passing a note. Isn't there a website for that?

    Seriously though, chat him up a bit, plan a group event, spend some time with him there and go from there...

    Who knows. He might have a weird tick or smell like bananas when you spend more time with him and you might not be interested anymore.

  2. Haha...thanks ladies! I could probably use twitter to pass the note - but I'm not sure how the tripping part would work...

    I may just let this play out for a bit.

  3. In my experience, guys want to see some signs of interest. If there's not any signs from the girl, the guy can just end up feeling like he's chasing a prize instead of pursuing a relationship. So without rushing things, I'd say spend some casual time together, like @cuteellaisbold said.