Monday, February 14, 2011

Is that today?

I have a date tonight - with a wonderful friend. I'm pretty sure I'll have a better V-Day than I would have if I was still with Mr. 28 YO, and I'm excited.

My V-Day gift will be from me - dinner, probably shoes and maybe an outfit for the Bachelor Auction. I know exactly what that gift says - "Boys have cooties (but some might be worth the trouble)."

But, if you're one of the few (okay, so I'm a bit jealous) who will get a gift from your sweetie today - here's a guide to help you decipher what exactly his gift is saying to you.

My kind of Valentines Miracle....


  1. Oh those are lovely. I have a slightly more sedate pair in mind, but oh golly I'm excited!

  2. Those are Christian Laboutin's. (for anyone who doesn't know, the red sole is the designer's signature). Those would be a miracle if I could a) afford them and b) actually walk in them.

    I'll be finding something tamer tonight, too - but I can hardly wait!!