Monday, February 21, 2011

Inner twelve-year-old

I have (what I think might be) a bad habit. I tend to judge a guy, and our entire relationship potential, without even giving it a chance. Especially when I'm feeling like as I am now - unsure of myself. So I come up with excuses reasons why the relationship wouldn't work, and why I should therefore not even bother.

For instance, this guy...he has some hobbies in which I know I'm not interested, and that it wouldn't be fun for us to share. So, then I decide I'll just leave it alone, because why bother wasting his time or my time, and I'll just save us both the trouble, because really what good would it do for either of us to get our hopes up in a relationship that isn't going anywhere, anyway. *deep breath*

I'm willing to bet that if I were to read anything written by a relationship "expert," he/she would tell me this is a very bad idea. That it's a mistake to make assumptions; that if I'm interested, I should at least give it a chance, and see where it goes.

The thirty-something woman in me knows that's true. But my inner sixteen-year-old is still reeling from not being invited to the prom.

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