Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I've learned: Alone isn't always lonely

I've talked about learning what I may have done wrong, and why I might have needed some time on my own. There is (at least) one more thing that these thirty days have taught me: Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

I like doing things on my own. I have fun. It can be cool to take a road-trip on my own, and listen to what I want to listen to - even if it's just my own thoughts. I like eating on my own; I like turning off the internet and my phone for a little while each day. I've missed reading. I've missed writing.

I'm happy to hang out at home and cuddle with my kitties on weekend mornings. I like doing projects at the house and taking pride in the results, as well as knowing that I did that. I like making plans for myself without even having to consider what someone else might have going on, or where else I might need to be.

I'm not afraid to walk into a restaurant, or a movie theater or even a party full of strangers on my own; I used to be, but I am not anymore. I'm not afraid to make changes in my life, even if they are a little scary, because I know it's for the better.

What have I learned? I'm good on my own. I will keep making me better. I won't ever let anyone change that again.