Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How about we....

....is a new dating website that's focused less on the person and more on their suggestion for a first date. Profiles start out with, "How about we...." and the person finishes the sentence by saying what they would want to do on a date. "....go to a movie," or, "or go to dinner," or "go kayaking."


I created a profile just to see what the site was about, and haven't yet decided what I think. To be fair, it is a new site, so there aren't many members - which makes finding matches tougher. I like the concept - but one problem is that a lot of members don't use the site properly. So, their profile starts with, "How about we.... looking for a beautiful, smart, intelligent Barbie Doll..." Kidding. Sort of.

It says a lot about someone when they can't even follow simple instructions. It's too bad, too, because what someone suggests for a first date says a lot about him. Is he traditional, conventional or just plain boring? Or is he fun, spontaneous and a little adventurous?

Personally, I like something very low key. I like to be able to talk to my date, but I don't like to feel committed to a long date. I mean, what if it isn't going well? Ever been trapped in a dinner/movie situation? Oy.

What would you suggest for a first date? If it's good I might steal it. :)

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