Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A match?

Did you know that Yahoo used to have a dating site called Yahoo Personals? I actually met the first guy I seriously dated (post divorce) on that site. I ended up having to pay for a membership just to reply to him - and a month later, he said he just wanted to be friends. {Tangent}

Sometime last year, I was notified that Yahoo Personals was merging with - and my Yahoo profile would be merged into a Match profile. Which, incidentally, was a real conundrum, since I already had a Match profile that I never used.

Where is all of this leading, you ask? To this article, on the new on Yahoo site - which seems to be an excellent source for dating tips and advice. Sorry, guess I took the scenic route.

The article talks about getting dating advice from guy friends (or for guys, from your girl friends). Basically, if you're in need of dating advice about the opposite sex - advice from a purely-platonic friend of that sex is where it's at.

Personally - I go to my ex husband. He's my friend, he knows me well, and he is honest with me. Plus, as luck would have it, he's a guy and all. No guy friends? What about your girl-friends' husbands or boyfriends? When I was dating G (Hey - he's the guy from Yahoo! See, it's all comin' full circle now...) my friends would ask his advice all the time.

Where do you go for dating advice?


  1. I have a couple guys (SL in VA and a local guy I used to date) that are always great with the advice. Mostly they talk me down from extreme moments or tell me that my feeling are justified when they are. Great sounding boards. Also, my close girlfriends are pretty great about it too because they know that sometimes my reactions are about something else and help me sort that out.

  2. Definitely. My girlfriends help me, too. They yank me back if I'm about to do something (too) stupid. :)