Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best of the Worst: Lock & Key Edition

When I told friends that I was going to the lock & key party, several questioned the odds of meeting a nice guy at something like this. They thought the guys that did show up wouldn't be worth meeting (too old, too young, too poor, too geeky, too heavy, too thin, too short, too bald, etc., etc.)

Let me be clear that these were other people's stereotypes. I don't believe in stereotypes, and I'm not biased towards any one group of guys. I think they all have cooties.

I met several guys I thought were nice. But there were a couple who were just....not.

At one point, I was sitting at a table with a large group (men and women), where there were several small conversations going on. A couple of guys sitting near me were talking about using online dating sites to meet women. They were both complaining that, when they search for local women in their age group, they can't find any "decent" looking women. Their other complaint was that when they do message a woman, she's rude and doesn't respond.

Here's what's interesting: They were sitting next to me - a woman obviously in their age group, who is also obviously local. If I'm at an event like this, it's a good bet that I'm also online. Maybe I'm not - but they have no way to know for sure. If I am - then they've just insulted me.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I am online. Worse yet, I actually sent a message to one of these guys - which he totally ignored.

Is it wrong you don't find me attractive? Not at all. Is it wrong that you didn't reply to my message when I sent it online? In my opinion, not really.

What is wrong is that you judge others harshly for doing something you do yourself. It's also really poor form to say something in a group setting that could potentially offend someone who is being nothing but kind and polite to you.

By the way, guys? It's also foolish. Because if any "decent" single woman ever asks if I've met you, and if so, what did I think - what do you think my response is going to be?

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