Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just in case

I stumbled on this post about date ideas that are likely to create chemistry.

I used to love shopping dates. It's so random; especially if you're shopping somewhere that has a variety of shops all within walking distance. I went on more than one shopping date with Big - including several where I was Christmas shopping and looking for something specific - and we always had fun.

Another favorite date of mine is a museum. It triggers some fantastic conversation, and is also great for people watching. I'm not big on the idea of group-eating, but the article mentions an us-against-the-world type of mentality - people watching will get that going.

Dinner is a fine dinner idea...but I prefer not to do that for a first date. I've been on those dates where you know within a few minutes that it isn't going anywhere...but there you are, trapped in a booth. No thanks.

Same goes for movies; a perfectly fun idea, but probably not until after you've had  few dates with the guy. There's no real way to get to know anyone in a theater. Though, if you must go to a movie, you can pay attention to where he likes to sit, how early he likes to get there - and his choice in movie snack. All important to know.

If weather is permitting, amusement parks, fairs and festivals can also make a fun date. Something different, a little fun - and maybe you can win him a prize. Plus, if you still like each other after dealing with crowds, walking and over-priced junk food all day - maybe there really is something there.

I might be looking for some date ideas in the near future, so I thought I'd ask....

What are some of your favorite date ideas?


  1. I'm prob the wrong person to ask. I once multitasked a first date on a hotel inspection that I had to get done for work. For fun, we posed as a newly engaged couple. He thought it was fun and we had some good laughs.

    I like mini golf and icecream when the weather is good and you can tell a lot about someone by how they play mini golf.

    Also, apple picking, the fair and actually the airport depending on what exhibit they have up. (The observation gallery is open to the public upstairs)

  2. Love mini golf as a date idea. I like to show off my prowess on the links. :) And I like ice cream as part of any idea. Plus, it's an excellent vetting tool. If a guy doesn't eat ice cream, then clearly he's not human...

    I love the hotel inspection story!! What a great first date story that is, and also - very telling that he laughed along at the idea.

    You've got my brain working - thanks!

  3. I too enjoy the museums...I think those make for great dates, you can look together or wander off a bit but it always stimulates great conversation. I enjoy the shopping date too...hee hee.