Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lock & Key - Smart guy

Remember those guys I was telling you about, who practically insulted me to my face at the lock & key party? Well, I believe in giving credit where it's due, so - I gotta tell you that one of them did something I thought was very smart, and very, very impressive.

If you recall, a comment was made by one of the guys about Suit Guy, and a couple of the women (myself included) explained that women aren't really all that impressed by that sort of thing.

This is a unique opportunity. It was later in the evening; pretty obvious that none of us were interested in each other - so we really just a group of new friends talking. These guys had the perfect segue and opportunity to ask a couple of single women what we really do look for.

One of them took it.

So, we told them. Women like smart, nice, confident men. We like men who are honest; who are polite; who are funny. Who are natural, and who don't try too hard. Are looks and money really a factor? No. (Not that there aren't women out there focused on those things; just that they're not in the majority.)

And I explained that if he was going to meet women online, he needed to spell-check his profile and make sure that when he sends an email, it includes no typos, grammatical errors or "text talk." Then I got down off my soap-box.

What would you have told this guy if he asked what you look for in men?


  1. One who makes me laugh without trying, makes me smile when I see his face, is smart enough to keep me on my toes and fun. Looks have to be appealing to me and chemistry is key. Yes, spell checking is important and so is that damn text in DON'T DO IT!