Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Passive dating?

Is passive dating a thing? I googled it, and what I found were articles about dating styles. Not exactly what I was looking for - but in case you're curious, here's a good one.

Here's what I'm wondering - what would a dating "expert" call a woman who is single, willing to meet people - but not actively looking for a date?

That's me right now. I am actively trolling my online profiles (here and here) - but more for blog material than actual dates. I have come across a couple of guys that were worth an email, but no one that's reciprocated my interest.

So, what am I? Maybe facebook needs a new status - Single, Not Dating. Or, like I tweeted the other day - Smarter Than the Rest of You.


  1. I liked to call it, "Dipping my toe in the pool to see how I felt about the water, but not even thinking about jumping in."

    Or "Happenstance Dating" you're doing what I was doing, perusing the online dating world more for entertainment than any sort of commitment, if you happen to find a date, bonus. :)

  2. "Happenstance Dating". I LOVE THAT!!!

  3. That means you are searching for an online dating and that can helps you get your dream sate. But I didn't get the concept of the passive dating. But it was quite nice blog.