Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lock & Key - Not left out

Like I said, the lock & key party brought me straight back to high school dances - where I was always left out.

That's an awful feeling. Indescribably awful. My nerves were so bad that the afternoon of the party - I almost bailed. Then an awesome friend tweeted some encouragement: Look at it this way - you're going to find you and for blog fodder; they're going to get lucky. You win.

So I went. Like I said, I was also keeping a promise to a new friend who, it turned out, was even more nervous than I. Knowing I wasn't actually there to find a guy, and that I wasn't the most nervous and least confident - actually empowered me.

I've read that a confident woman is immediately more attractive. I've also read that when you're not looking for a guy, you tend to find one. I put those theories to the test that night. Turns out - there's some truth to both.

Among suit guy, and the guys who made some serious social faux-pas, there was one very nice guy. We had a lot of fun chatting; we seemed to have a few things in common; and he had just the right amount of confidence-not-cockiness.

He asked if we could get together that weekend - which didn't really work for me. We did exchange phone numbers, and have messaged/texted a few times. No real plans have been made, and I honestly don't know if they ever will be. Still - it was nice not to be left out of the dance this time. Maybe it gave me the confidence I needed to recognize another opportunity? I'm not sure.

But it seems like sometimes, all you need is that extra boost.

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  1. See? You got what you wanted out of that event and a many others can say that?