Monday, March 7, 2011

To date or not to date....

The guy I mentioned in this post has re-emerged. He caught me on yahoo and started chatting. He asked if maybe we could get together sometime.

He gets points for approaching me first, apologizing for being a little too overbearing that night, and for suggesting we go out and do something, not inviting back over to "hang out."

He came right out and said that he's lonely, and that he'd like to try dating again. I appreciate that he came to me, but I dislike when a guy tells me he's lonely. I've spent time learning how to be alone without being lonely...I feel like I need someone who's in the same place.

There were other issues, too. He's a cool guy; smart, creative, funny, talented, attractive, etc. But I'm not sure there was a "spark" - and I don't care what this article says - I'm not doing that to anyone else.

If I ask any of my friends, they'll tell me to go out with him. But that's because they all think that I sit at home, crying in my takeout night after night, with nothing to do. The truth is - even if I wanted to go on a date this week, I don't have time.

So, instead, I'm asking you. To date or not to date....that is the question.


  1. That's a tough call. Good for him for acknowledging the coming on too strong. You've already decided you don't like the lonely guy. If you had a good time on your date and think he deserves one more shot, go. If not, don't waste your shine.

  2. I think you're probably right. Not really worth back-tracking on anything I've learned, ya know? Thanks! :)

  3. I'm with stineybean, if you had fun up to the overbearing point then why not have another go at it, if it was just "meh" to that point then don't bother.