Friday, March 18, 2011

Lock & Key - Suit of armor

I told you about the lock & key party, and that I met a few characters. I believe I also promised you some stories....

One of my favorites was Suit Guy. He came in a little later than me, so I didn't notice him until he sat down at a table not far from mine. He was good-looking, and seemed confident. He was well-dressed - though, I noticed he didn't unbutton the suit-jacket, which is unusual, especially when sitting down.
SN: One thing about the fact that I don't approach a lot of people at events like this - I see and hear a lot. I'm quiet, and almost never the center of attention. Sometimes, I think people actually forget I'm there, and maybe let their guard down more than they normally would.

Suit Guy was sitting at a table with a group he obviously knew. But he was seated so that he was almost facing anyone who approached the table, with the chair pointed out. Sort of half facing the table, half facing away. That seemed weird - until I noticed what was happening.

Seated that way, Suit Guy appeared to be inviting women over to him. He was making himself available to anyone who wanted to approach, without actually leaving the table or going off on his own. I also noticed that, as women approached him to see if his key would open their lock - he'd say they had to sit on his lap to find out. And they would.


One of the guys at my table shot Suit Guy a look-to-kill and said, "I hate guys who come to these things dressed like that. It's like women think they're rich or something." The other woman at the table, and I, were quick to dispell that myth. We told him that's actually not true. That women either give a guy like that the benefit of the doubt and assume he just came from work and couldn't change - or we think he's trying too hard.

I'll be honest - I wasn't positive which it was with Suit Guy. At first I assumed he'd just come from work - but the whole lap project seemed like he was trying awfully hard. The guys were convinced all the attention was because of the suit. But in all fairness - it could have been the fact that he was sitting so as to open himself up to the whole room. If anything, I guess I'd wonder if maybe he goes to a lot of these parties, and is a bit of a player?

Something else that was interesting? At the end of the night, he won a pair of movie tickets for a local theater. After all those women paraded over to him and sat on his lap, giggling and touching his arms, etc., etc. - think he invited anyone to the movies? Sure.

The one woman who refused to take a turn on his lap.


  1. So what did you say when he asked you to the movies?

  2. Hee actually wasn't me. I wasn't invited to sit on his lap; nor did I request a turn. The woman who he did ask was one he invited and she turned him down saying, "No way, you've had too many asses on that lap tonight!" It was hilarious.