Sunday, October 6, 2013

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Today's Blogging Challenge: Your response to everyone's favorite question, "And why are YOU still single?"

I freaking hate this question. 

Unfortunately, I get the question in two contexts. I occasionally get it from new acquaintances. Apparently, I meet a lot of people who either lack filters, or were raised by wolves.

I also get this question from men on dating sites, who (I think) think it's a compliment.

My response is the same for every situation: I'm single because I choose to be.

Let me clarify...

I do not necessarily want to be single. I'd like to be in a relationship. Or at least find someone with whom I could go on more than one date.

Still, I maintain I am single by choice because I could be in a relationship. I'm sure if I wanted, I could have finagled a relationship out of one of the guys I've dated in the last year who were interested.

But through all my ups and downs, confusion, and missteps, I know I haven't found the right guy. I have (for better or worse) avoided actually getting into a relationship with anyone.

So I remain single.

By choice.

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