Friday, October 18, 2013

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Today's blogging challenge: Describe how you met the last person you texted, and talk about your friendship/relationship.

Well, as it happens, as I write this, my last text message was to Baking Suit.

How did we meet? Twitter. I don't remember who followed who first, but I do remember finding her comment on another blog I wrote, and thinking, "Wow, that really popular blogger reads me?!"

We started tweeting back and forth. She was asking for guest-posts for her blog, and I wanted to write something inspired by my feelings for Big (this was just after our breakup). Rather than writing as myself (I had not created Girl's Got Shine yet), I guest-posted for her. This was a pretty big deal, because it was the first time I really opened up to anyone about how I felt after the whole breakup thing. I'm not sure if it was the fact that Baking Suit was still practically a stranger, or if I somehow knew we would be friends - but I knew I could trust her.

We kept emailing and commenting on each other's blogs regularly. About a month (six weeks?) later, we met in person at a mutual friend's meetup. Baking Suit greeted me with a friendly hug and the prettiest smile I've ever seen. (Seriously - she has the most beautiful smile. Her whole face lights up.)

That was three years ago - and we've texted or emailed (or commented or tweeted or facebooked - sometimes all at once) just about every single day since.

I don't know how to describe our friendship, except to say that I'm indescribably lucky to call Baking Suit my friend. My life is so much better since she's entered, and I am thankful every day that we met.

Baking Suit has gotten me through some horrible moments. She's listened as I rambled about my latest dating fiasco, she looked on as I cried into my soup when Trooper broke up with me, and she's asked me tough (but always fair) questions that cause me to look more closely at my life.

She's my greatest cheering section when I have new projects or accomplishments or challenges. She has supported my fundraising efforts, my new business, and this blog in ways that no other friend has, or could.

Baking Suit has inspired me - her relentless enthusiasm and "sure we can" attitude is contagious and provocative in all the best ways. She has taught me what kind of friends I want in my life, and the sort of friend I hope to be.

I do not know if I deserve to have a friend as good as Baking Suit has been to me. I do not know if I have been as good a friend to her - but I know I have tried.

I simply adore her.

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  1. Holy crap GGS. Way to make me cry in my Kahlua Coffee. Excuse me while I go fix my eye make up.

    Puffy Pink Heart you.