Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Double the fun

More than once in my recent dating history, men have blown me off - or removed themselves from the dating circuit - not long after a good date. I later confirmed that in at least one situation, the guy had met another woman. I suspect the same was true with others as well.

That's just a hazard of dating. Actually, it's a hazard of life. I mean, married people occasionally meet someone's one of the reasons divorce attorneys are so successful. Few things in life are certain, and timing is everything.

I don't object to guys meeting new people, or even going on dates with others. If we've just met, there's really nothing to get upset about.

What I take exception to is these guys making a big deal about not dating multiple people - only to ditch me for someone else. What's worse is coming back to me after ditching me, like nothing happened!

Newsflash: You are dating multiple people. You're just not very good at it.

These guys are bent on only dating one woman, but of course after one date they're not ready to commit to one person. So rather than just go out on a few dates before choosing, they make plans, blow people off, ignore texts, cancel dates, and then come back.

I wonder if they think this means they are "one woman men" or that it's the respectful way to date, because they are only talking to one woman at a time? Or do they know that it's rude, and does nothing but prove that they are easily distracted, not really interested, and will happily vanish rather than be honest?

At least, when I think about it, it's good for me that they're someone else's problem.


  1. I think you're kind of on to something here... The "not dating multiple women thing" kind of (in their heads) gives them right to just drop off the face of the earth, and start seeing another person, with no guilt.

    Because they are following their guidelines of "Not ""dating"" multiple women".

    It's a grey area... and shady men LOVE those areas.

    1. I think they think it's perfectly acceptable, since they're doing it to avoid dating multiple women. Nevermind how rude or inconsiderate they're being.

      What maybe they don't get is, it would be more acceptable to date more than one woman, while being courteous and respectful. But that would require honesty, which is a huge leap for some people.