Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 3

Today's blogging challenge: Describe a moment or day when being single was really awesome.

This was pretty easy.

I actually find something awesome about my single life pretty much every day. I mean, I just devoted a whole week worth of posts to why being single is great.

But the first moment I can remember coming to this conclusion, believe it or not, was at the first family party I went to after my separation. You'd think that would be a tough one, right? It was the first time (as an adult) I'd ever gone to a family function without a date.

I do remember being nervous. I knew everyone there would be coupled off, and I felt silly and foolish and (again) like a failure. But I'd promised my family, so off I went.

First, I realized something pretty cool... There was no argument on the way. I didn't have to fight with anyone because he was late (or because I was). I didn't have to worry that my date was angry about having to miss a game, or hang out with my family. My ride to the party was peaceful and calm, and I arrived with no stress at all.

I quickly realized the whole couple thing didn't matter, either. The women were mostly gathered to one side, the men to the other. No one cared that I didn't have a husband or boyfriend with me. In fact, they were actually more interested in hearing about my dating adventures than they were talking about their own relationships.

A little later on, I started noticing tense looks between the couples. Looks that I knew meant there would be an argument on the ride home, or before falling asleep. I realized that, also for the first time as an adult, I wouldn't have to worry about that argument.

My ride home was as peaceful as my ride out - and I remember I slept like a baby that night.

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