Wednesday, October 9, 2013

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

Today's blogging challenge: Your biggest fear as a single person.

This is sort of fluid. It evolves, and devolves sometimes, based on my situation. But after some thought, I think I've nailed it down.

I'm afraid I won't find true love. I mean, I know I can find someone. That's as simple as walking into a singles event or jumping on a dating site.

I'm afraid that I won't find the one. That I blew my only chance at honest, true love with a person who really loves and appreciates me. I'm afraid that I'm not meant to find that all-consuming, inconvenient love that Carrie Bradshaw described.

Sure, I might find romantic love feelings. I mean, eventually I'm bound to go on a date with someone that goes so well, we go on a second date, then a third, and so on. That kind of romance is nice - the convenient kind, that just works and makes sense and has perfect timing.

But what if he just likes me, and I just like him? What if we settle because it does make sense, and the timing seems right?

I want more - and my biggest fear is I'll never find it.


  1. I don't believe in The One. Never have. I see it as you find someone you really like and you want to make a life with that person. You grow as people together and change in compatible ways or you don't and if it doesn't work then well you move on.

    There have been times in my life and decisions that I've made that would have been totally different people for me to build and share a live with. I have little doubt that I'd have been just as happy as I am now if I had built a life with them.

    I think there are people in this world that are great matches and there are those that really are not great matches. If you find a great match that you get along well with and have similar goals and outlooks, you hold on to them tight.

    Life is a hell of a wild ride and while I really Like my current co-pilot, if it didn't work, I'd be really sad, but I also know that I've already gotten over losing several co-pilots.

    Maybe that sounds callus, but that's just how I feel about it.

    1. I don't think it's callous. I guess if I looked at it that way, then my fear is that I won't find someone I'd like to have as a co-pilot.

      I know many people who have found a wonderful love. I guess my fear is that I blew my chance at that, and won't get another.

  2. I know it's overly cliche to say, "when you stop looking, you'll find him", but I think that if we keep looking at every guy that walks past us (in the grocery store, the post office, the coffee shop, etc) we'll grow so accustomed to searching for him that we won't recognize him when he finally does arrive in your life. So to that I say, to just let go and let God. He knows what's best for you and will lead you to it when the time is right. #Be Blessed!