Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best of the Worst: Let's have sum fun

I haven't been trolling sites a lot, lately. Mostly because I kinda, sorta, like TG - and for some other reasons, as  well. But, this weekend I was bored. I spent Saturday night watching a friend unravel on twitter - because no one could wrestle his phone away. So in between bursts of that awesome, I poked around on a dating site for new guys near me. This gem popped right up.
I am a great outgoing funny guy who enjoys all of what this life has to offer i love most sports especially base ball im a affid YANKEES fan I like all types of music i will definatley put a smile on youre face love to be romantic and cuddle at home but also enjoy going out for sum fun if its with the rite one enjoy cooking for the ones i love i am a great cook
I looked it up. "Affid" isn't even a word - at least not in English. Base and ball are both words - but the Yankees play baseball. This guy definitely needs help with spelling - and is, apparently, unaware that the . key is on the bottom row of his keyboard.

It might interest you to know that he lists his education at the high school level; and his occupation as law enforcement. Presumably, that means some authoritative body somewhere has seen fit to issue this person a fire arm.


  1. Yikes. Just yikes.

  2. Right? Do you think I could write off the therapy I'll need from reading these profiles as "blog research?"

  3. Corrections officer perhaps? I'm with cuteella - Yikes!

    (And I tried to take the phone away, really I did... so did another friend... then a tantrum ensued... it was amusing, and a bit ugly.)

  4. For some reason, I find "avid" rendered as "affid" less irksome than his misuse of "youre" [sic] and rendering "some" as "sum" and "right" as "rite."

  5. Grumble - The total lack of punctuation is disturbing. It's like he typed the whole profile using some keyboard that appeared from an alternate universe.