Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shame on GGS

So, I mentioned that before TG asked me on the second date I was really unsure how interested he was. He ended the date with a lackluster statement ("I'll keep in touch") and I honestly didn't know what to do with that. Then we were emailing, and he didn't respond to me, but I knew he'd been online because the site where we met tracks that sort of thing....

In short, I made two major errors.

The first was the internet stalking vetting research. That sort of thing doesn't really teach me anything. Sure, the site said he signed in - but of course, I have no idea for what reason. Hell - I was signed in when I learned that. Maybe he saw that I'd been online. 

It shouldn't matter. We went on one date - I was talking to other people still, and there's no reason to assume that he was or wasn't, or that it tells anything about his interest in me. But I listened to that voice tell me that there was no way he would like me. I let all my self-doubt, and doubt from others, convince me that because I hadn't heard from him and because he was online - that meant he wasn't interested. 

Shame on you, GGS - you know better.

This is such bad dating behavior. Like fellow blogger Cali Bradshaw wrote here, you need patience, faith and courage to be a good dater - and I forgot all three. He'd told me he wanted to go out with me again - but I still lost faith because I didn't have an answer right now - no patience, either. As far as courage goes - it would have taken a lot of courage for me to just wait it out - but of course, I didn't. 

So what did I do? To be continued....


  1. It's hard to unlearn old habits...

  2. You're not kidding. I'll get it - one of these days.