Monday, May 30, 2011

What are you celebrating today?

Memorial Day is different things to different people. If you have loved ones in the Armed Forces, it's a day to celebrate gratitude (please extend my thanks, as well). Some place flowers or a flag at the graves of loved ones who have passed.

Just about everyone has a day off to celebrate, and of course, there's always picnic food (which I personally believe has no calories if consumed on Memorial Day).

If you're single - it can mean one more day of the week to get your date on.

It's also the "official" start to the summer season, which means a whole new brand of date possibilities. Festivals, fairs, bike rides, hiking, picnics in the park, outdoor music, drive-in movies....the list goes on. Finally, something more than just dinner and a movie!

My favorites are festivals, especially those with some free music. I like to show up with a couple of camping chairs, some food and drinks, and just sit back and enjoy. Last year, Big and I brought our dinner to an outdoor concert, only to realize we didn't have a picnic blanket (tickets were last minute). Never fear! I had camping chairs in the backseat - and my SUV has a hidden folding table in the cargo area. Instant picnic!

Here are some fun ideas from How about we... dating blog. What are your favorite summer-time dates?

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