Monday, May 16, 2011

One hit wonders

First dates are tough. I always feel nervous, and like I'm having a tough time getting my bearings. I worry that I might like the guy more than he likes me, or that I'll be bored, or that our conversation will be awkward. I worry that I'll spill my food, or trip in my shoes, or call him by the wrong name.

All this worrying means that, often - I don't actually enjoy a first a date. Which is unfortunate, since first dates are all I ever seem to have.

Most of my dates are "one hit wonders." Either he's not interested (this is most often the case), or I'm not - or neither of us is interested in the other. So my dating life, for the most part, consists of a series of first dates, usually with guys I meet online.

Another unfortunate thing about first dates? For the most part - they're all alike. Usually dinner, or just coffee/drinks. Either way - it's me and my date sitting with a table between us, discussing the usual: Work; where we both grew up; family; movies and music we like; hobbies; and whatever else you talk about on a first date. I've had so many, I feel like I've rehearsed the conversation.

So, it's nice to make it past that stage. Tech Guy (the date I told you about last week) asked me out again this past weekend. It was only date number two, and I never count my chickens before they hatch.

Still, it's exciting that I liked TG and he liked me, and maybe - just maybe - this won't be a one hit wonder.


  1. I am full of awkwardness and idiosyncrasies, but I tend to believe that's where my charm (yeah, we'll go with charm) comes from. First dates are usually weird and uncomfortable - you're right that it's the same thing (coffee or dinner) all the time. I wish just for once someone would kick normal in the pants and plan a spectacularly different first date. I could do this, sure, but I'm a sissy. This comment really did have a point when I started it, but now I just think I like to watch myself type.

    Le sigh.

  2. Yay for a second date...and I hope it doesn't turn out like that one I had ;) Haha! Seriously though, yay for second dates!!! WOO HOO!