Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quiet - STAT!

Turns out - I have a lot to learn about reading people.

Also turns out - my ex was right...again. I find that very annoying. I'd be even more annoyed if his being right didn't work in my favor.

So, because I was thinking that my date wasn't interested, I, of course, had to email him - just so I knew for sure that I was completely up front and honest. I sent a very brief email - thanks for the movie, I had a nice time, would like to do it again. Done.

He emailed me back a little while later and said he had a lot of fun, and would like to go out again - and was I free next weekend?

Most unexpected.

Now, of course, the real battle begins - with my own self-esteem and trust issues. Because every time he acts like he likes me, there will be a little voice in my head that says, "Yeah, but Big did stuff like that, too." Everytime I let myself believe it's going well or he's attracted, I'll remember, "Yeah, but 28-Year-Old said the same thing once." If it turns out that he's not interested, I'll think, "See - they were right."

Stop. It.

I need to remember that just because they behaved one way even though they felt another - that doesn't mean every guy will do the same. I need to get it through my head that just because they didn't think I was pretty doesn't mean another guy won't - and it damn sure doesn't mean they were right.

I think sometimes that's my biggest dating challenge - getting out of my own way. Because if it's not this guy, it was the last, or will be the next. I'm always letting myself believe that little voice that reminds me what other people think - and tells me that, not only are they right, but everyone must agree.

I need to quiet that voice. STAT.

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  1. I need to quiet that voice stat. It's amazing to me sometimes how we can let those few silly, stupid voices of negativity shout over the many voices telling us how amazing we we don't seem to believe it because he didn't. He's stooopid. You're awesome. Don't believe what the stooopid guys said ;)