Thursday, May 26, 2011

When do you cut them loose?

"Until he says I love you,
you're a free agent!"
So, I (accidentally) started seeing more than one guy a couple weeks back. It all happened at the beginning stages of the relationships, and no commitments had been made or anything - so, no big deal. But it did get me thinking - what if I met a couple of guys at the same time, and really liked them both (or all three)? And the feeling was mutual?

At some point, I would have to commit to just one. Unless, of course, I'm Samantha from Sex and the City - which I'm not. Since that's not really what I'm looking for out of a relationship, I would have to figure out who I wanted to cut loose - and when?

What do you think?

At what point in a new relationship should you stop seeing other people?
After the third date
After you've had the "talk"
When he says I love you
At the wedding
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