Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just a little weird

Last week, I received an email in my personal email account from someone I don't know. When I opened it, this is what I found:
Could it be you?
Hello dearie, i got your email from a dating site...these things can be awkward atimes but then there aint no harm in trying, is there? despite all the reasons to despair and lose faith that abound in the world, i still believe that sometimes, things may work out perfectly against all the odds. my name is *****, single man of 39. hardworking, romantic and heartbroken but still a firm believer in love and still ready to love is too short for me not to take a shot when the opportunity presents itself. i believe getting your email is no mistake, this is destiny and i plan to see how this plays out. enough about me, let's meet you. cheers...
I copied it exactly as he wrote it (eliminating his name). A few observations....
  • Do you suppose there's some weird cult somewhere that prohibits the use of capital letters?
  • Why on Earth would you call someone you don't know "dearie?"
  • Ain't is not a word, even with the proper punctuation.
  • I don't publish my email address on dating sites - I suspect he actually pulled this email from my facebook page.
  • Pulling my email from Facebook is a little also means he lied in the first 10 words he ever spoke to me.
  • Using his email, I found him on Facebook. We have no one in what does he do, just stalk random Facebook profiles in search of "destiny?"
  • While my Facebook timeline might include enough posts to indicate I'm certainly doesn't indicate if I'm interested in dating.
  • According to his Facebook page, we live about 300 miles apart. What's the point?
I know people use Facebook as a dating site. The problem with that plan is that simply having a Facebook profile doesn't mean I'm single, available, or interested. It just means I'm on Facebook - like a billion other people.

I can understand the temptation to use the largest social networking site as a way to find new dates. Maybe someday Facebook will even figure out a way to do so that makes sense.

For now though - I suggest everyone stick to dating sites for dating.

In case you're wondering...I did not reply to his email.


  1. Oh why not? He sounded like a REAL WINNER.

    *snort giggle giggle*

    Weird email.
    Weird guy... DEARIE!