Monday, March 11, 2013

Worst ever

I've seen a lot of bad profiles...a lot. This may be the worst yet. I copied, pasted, and changed nothing.

Found it here
I am a 40 year old black male from the capital district,have been n a couple serious relationships.I have learned alot from them not really different from any1 else been threw tralis and tribulations.Had 1 10yr strech out of 1 of them,you no did the whole family thing,had tha big house 3 kids a good job,and a nice car.But some times things dont work out n you know how that goes,good things don,t always last for every.Anyway on another note im doing alright ilike two have fun because tommrow is not promise so you must live everyday like its your last in treat women like it is your mother.I like sports,2laugh,basketball,and 2 travel.Look two enjoy life and two hav fun maybe meet tha right one.If your fake don,t reply im grown a don,t have time for bs remmeber trix r 4kids.

Sort of makes you want to cry, no?


  1. Replies
    1. I can't help but wonder if it's some sort of elaborate code.

  2. That was painful to read.
    I'm grown... however, I'm going to use the word "two" incorrectly and spell words with letters... and say Trix r 4 kids...


    JesusMarieandJoseph.. This has to be a joke!

    Tell me it's a JOKE!